Our why

Granite Financial Planning was formed with the vision to offer “Planning for Life”


By Paul Gibson

Granite Financial Planning aims to offer a high quality financial planning service incorporating lifetime cashflow modelling to all clients at a price that offers real value.

We want to treat clients as individuals and ensure that you are not treated as a number as often happens in larger firms where the value of your portfolio is the only consideration.

Many firms will not deal with you unless you have a significant amount of investable assets, which I feel is completely wrong as everyone is entitled to have a financial plan built for them irrespective of their wealth.

Importantly we want you to be able to live the life you want to and ensure that you have the capital available to do so.

Financial planning is all about having a continual relationship with clients and ensuring that they remain on course to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

What’s your why? What is your passion? What gets you excited in life? What do you really want to do in your retirement years? I will suggest that having £x in your bank account or pension pot is not most people’s why.

We can help you achieve your why and live the life you want to. We call it “Planning for Life”.

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